How To use Your Article Resource Box

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Most of you already know the advantage of using article writing to increase your popularity, traffic and coversion rate of your site that you want to promote.

However, there is one particular portion of article writing that sometime being ignored, neglected or overlooked by so many article writers (including me),that is the ever so important “Authors Resource Box”‘

This sometime happened due to the need to rush and complete the article for submission. This is a grave mistake since the resource box is where you can entice and intrigue your readers to click on your link/s and they subsequently visit your site that your are promoting.

The resource box, usually located at the end or immediately after the article. Here is where you should write a brief description about yourself, such as your name, what you are doing and done, what business your are involve in, and also remember to include workable link/s to your site.

However, it is very important that the site connected through the link/s from your resource box is relevant to the article written as not to “turn off” your readers when they go to your site in search of more information that intrigue them in the first place to find out otherwise. This will eventually ruin you as an author and Internet marketer.

Always remember, the main objective behind article writing is to increase and drive trafic to your site with the hope of increasing your site conversion rate. And this could happen with a well written article and resource box.

One of the ways for you to increase the chance of your article being read and picked by readers or publishers beside good content of the article written, is the optimization of your resource box with good and popular search engine keywords. This will greatly entice and intrigue your readers to go to your site and see what more you have to offer. This is where you have the chance in grabbing your readers interest. So, make it a good lasting impression. Don’t try to trick or fool your readers with keywords that are not relevant to your site. Keep your site credible.

You also has to remember not to underestimate the importance of your article resource box, be creative and enticing as to show to your readers that you have a lot more to offer them at your site. And last but not least, don’t treat your resource box as just an ending paragraph of your article.

There you are, some rough ideas on what to write and put in your article resource box. I hope it is of some help to you.


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