Signing up for PMI Component Chapter Membership – Read this first

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1. Understand how component chapter membership is tied to PMI membership:

The component chapter membership expires the same day as your PMI membership. What does this mean to you? Let’s understand with an example. Let’s say that your PMI membership begins on Jan 1, 2010 and expires on Dec 31, 2010. You sign up for a component chapter (like Singapore PMI Chapter) on Oct 1, 2010. Now you would think that your component chapter membership would expire on Sep 30, 2011. But, that would be incorrect. Your component chapter membership will also expire on Dec 31, 2010. It means you get the benefits of component chapter membership only for 3 months, eventhough you paid for 12 months. Be aware of this policy when you sign up for a component chapter membership.

2. Do you know that many component chapters offer free gifts when you sign-up or renew your component chapter membership.

For example, here are the promotion details from Singapore PMI Chapter:


As part of SPMI Value Enhancement Program and as a token of appreciation for renewing the chapter membership, we are pleased to present you a complimentary Watch with SPMI Logo. You can choose either a White or Black Dial, subject to availability, as shown in the picture.

The watch can be collected at the following 25-Hour Watch Gallery retail outlets during their operating hours from 12 pm to 9 pm.

1. Suntec City #02-096 Tel: 63366477

2. Tampines – Century Square #02-24 Tel: 6786 6881


Please enquire with Singapore PMI Chapter to confirm the validity of the promotion before renewal. I renewed my membership in November and received an email to collect the watch a month later. You get 30 days to collect the watch.

Note: 25-Hour outlet in Tampines (Century Square Mall) has moved from second floor to first floor now. The address mentioned above is NOT correct.

I hope you found this information useful. If you want to know more about PMP Certification, here’s a blog completely dedicate to PMP certification exam preparation – Deep Fried Brain – PMP Certification Blog.


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