Quick money vs Residual income

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Online writing has become a part-time or a full time career for a freelance writer to earn money online. It’s a good opportunity for freelance writers to put their words and thought on an electronic page instead of bulks of printing papers.

When mentioning online writing, most of us will face a dilemma – what type of writer I want to be? Do I write for fun or for money? Considering this point, writing is not just putting your ideas and opinions on a page. Rather, it’s a learning process on how to deliver your work to a large group of audience. It’s also a process to learn how to get your content to be indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Alta vista or MSN, so that these search engines will crawl your works to assist you to have hits and reads coming over and over again.

Basically, there are two criteria of online writing. The first is that writers write for their daily pay while the second will be those who write for residual income.  In this discussion, we’ll focus at both. No matter which criteria you’re in, you’ll still earn money. The question is only around the matter of the amount of money you’d like to earn whether it is for a short-term or a long-term.

Earning easy and quick money online

Now, let’s discuss on earning quick and easy money. So, you’ve a mind to earn money in a short period. You’d like to see money flooding your bank account or Pay Pal account. This is usually done by ghostwriters who want to see money growing faster, but they’re not interested on residual income. So, they made immediate money by writing upon the requests of their clients, marketplace and biding sites. Constant content, Textbroker, Helium, Associated Content and other bidding sites are some of the most popular websites for writers to earn quick money.

Alright, when it comes to this subject, this money is usually paid high but you need to put lots of effort to meet its criteria. That means writer feel good with big buck of money, but they’ve to squeeze their brains a lot. When they get the job done, their articles will be sold to a requested party. At the same time, they don’t hold a status as a permanent writer as the copyright moves from their hands to the payers and their roles as a writer stops at this stage. They’ll have to write another piece of article to gain them more money.

Earning residual and passive income

Writers here are more interested for its stable, and regular residual or passive income. They hold a long vision to see this writing career as a machine to grow their money in a long-term basic though the pay might be small as compared to site that pays them at one time.

Triond, eHow, Bukisa are some of the most common and popular writing sites writers prefer to writer for. Hubpages is not favorable as you’ll need to have a very large traffic to earn you money since this site based upon the revenue generated from the ads of Google adsense, eBay, Amazon and etc.

Most writers are seen to have interested to write for Triond, eHow and Bukisa since they can still earn money with their contents whether they’re now lying on the bed, doing shopping at the shopping complex, having meeting in the office, or going for a trip. The traffic is like an outburst shooting spring water, in which it’ll grow non-stop and uncontrollably.

Well, in the writing world, there’re so many ways you can do to increase your money. Perhaps, for some writers the money they made by writing online can assist them to pay bills or daily expenditures. What I can say here? Writing online enables them to have a life sustaining income. It might also be considered as a full time job if they’ve made this career as their aims to earn for life. It doesn’t matter much on whether you want to earn a quick or residual income. This decision is very much depending on the individual.

Well, to make yourself to get money from writing online, you should first decide what kind of money you want to get, whether you want your income be paid now or later. So, decide yourself what type of writer you want to be and then get yourself adapted with the nature of the writing site you’re working for.

Lastly, I wish you all good luck on writing. Happy writing!


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