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What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you heard the phrase “Memory Principles”? Even I still can’t explain briefly what the true meaning of this phrase is before I got to write this journal. But still since this thing has a deadline so I’m going to do it anyway and I’m going to do it based on what I understand about “Memory Principles” in the last College Study Skills CSS class.

During last week’s CSS class when Miss Azy was lecturing us on Memory Principles thingy, I was starting to wonder myself. I know that we have these professionals and experts who came up with this memory principles and stuff, but then I thought to myself: “Do we really need these formulae whatsoever to achieve success?” I’m not saying that these formulae are useless but think of the elder people that existed before us. Though at that time formula like this wasn’t exist yet but they still can achieve success. I’m not denying the advantages of using these formulae but I achieved some success with my own strategy and efforts.

I can say that I didn’t even do any one of the principles that are mentioned in the formula but there are similarities of it. My strategy is to take one step at a time. Just like Jordin Sparks’ song One Step at a Time. When it comes to memorizing facts or even math formulae, I will use this technique. It’s actually very simple, just don’t go to the next thing until you really understand or mastered the topic that you were working on.

But then I just realized that I’m using the very same technique when it comes to something that needs me to do orally or verbally. Especially when I was required to memorize a song since I’ve been up on stage since I was in kindergarten (no kidding!). Basically, I just need to focus on one thing first before I go to another next.

Having said that, this type of memorizing technique is not suitable for everybody. There’s actually part of me that really can’t relate to this technique. I guess I don’t have any problem when it comes to memorizing things, but then until now I still keep on wondering why I always have problems when it comes to memorizing History facts because I have no problem remembering the gossip that were told to me or even incident that happened few years back. How odd is that, huh? (0_o)

So I thought to myself, maybe it all comes back to the fact that what interest me the most because I’ve not liked history since the very first I went to History class when I was in my Form 1 during secondary school.  I don’t know why but I just don’t like memorizing History facts. Maybe I can apply the memory principles in memorizing History facts because I really need to try to like History because at the moment I have a course that relates to History which is Malaysian Studies which is taught by Mr. Shah. Whether I like it or not, it is one of the core courses which I have to earn good grade on it.

At first I was devastated by the fact that I have to learned History once again when I’m in university but I finally take this as a challenge to my own mind. What is life without challenges, right? Even though that I’m not interested in this course I will have to cope with it and try my very best to be the top student. I guess it’s not a sin to dream of something in your life, right? But I’m not a type of person who will just dream and do nothing. Of course I really have to work on it until I achieve what I want.

Let’s get back to what I have said earlier my technique is not applicable to everybody. It’s actually a stereotype technique that is used by average student. Students who excel in their studies usually have different way to study or even to memorize things.

Maybe the technique that I’ve been using all these while is not applicable anymore when I entered the phase as a university student. Well, one thing that I know is there’s always a first time for everything so maybe I can adapt with the whole circumstances and surroundings and starting to professionally use the technique. And wise people will always be prepared for changes that they have to face in order to make things work smoothly.

Having said that, I still don’t know if I’m still going to use either my old technique of studying and memorizing or the memory principles that is made by experts which was taught to me few days back. Maybe I have to take some time to manage my thoughts and think critically and start to set some goals on what study skills that I should use as a university student.

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