What is the Audit Process for PMP Exam Application?

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In this article, I’m going to demystify the audit process so that you can spend less time worrying about the audit and channel your positive energy toward exam preparation.

As I mentioned in my article – What is the Application Process for the PMP Exam? – the one-year exam eligibility clock stops when your application is selected for an audit. PMI will inform you about the audit, “after” you pay for the exam. They will also send you detailed instructions on how to comply with the audit.

During the audit, you will be asked to submit documents such as:

1. Copies of your diploma/degree certificates

2. Signatures from your manager(s)/supervisor(s) on projects that you mentioned in the experience verification section of your original application.

3. Your 35 Contact Hours certificate from the PMI Registered Education Provider (REP).

You need to send the requested documents through regular postal mail or courier service. Faxed or emailed documents are not accepted during audit.

The audit time primarily depends on how fast the applicant mails back the requested information to PMI. Once PMI receives your documents, they usually takes about 5 business days to complete the audit.

If you clear the audit, PMI will give you a go ahead for scheduling the exam and your eligibility clock will start ticking.

Tip 1: Very few people know that PMI publishes a list of 30+ PMP Application Audit FAQs. It should answer many of your questions.

Tip 2: For more information about PMI-PMP application audit, visit Deep Fried Brain – PMP Certification Blog, and click on the label “Audit“. You’ll find the most comprehensive coverage of PMP Application Audit FAQs anywhere on the web.

I hope you found this information useful.


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