Secret " A misconception" "Accountability and Responsibility"Is No Delusion

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Secret” a misconception Accountability and Responsibility”Is No Delusion”


Secret” a misconception “Accountability and Responsibility
“Is No Delusion”

by SuddenEssence
January 30, 2007

“The greater the gift, the more the responsibility”
“The more you know, the more accountable you will be” knowledge is “POWER”
Power is constructive or destructive.
A loaded gun in the wrong hands can be very deadly.
The abuse of “Power” can destroy someone’s life.
Take your power and use it to rescue someone who needs it.

There is no great secret or shortcuts to true “Spirituality”.
There is however, a great quantity of
that comes with it. There is no “mistake” just opportunity for growth.
If you keep making the same mistakes over and over again
knowing that it is wrong, then it’s no longer
a “mistake” it’s just plain “ignorance”.

Spirituality is no “underground secret society” as others perceive it to be.
There is no black, gray, white, right or wrong or logical explanation.
It is what it is because of “FAITH”.

Spirituality is there for everyone who wants it,
but I will say this, spiritual growth requires spiritual responsibility…
they go hand in hand.
How you choose to practice spirituality is a personal decision.
You have the freedom to respond but with a great liability.
You are liable for your own actions, thoughts, words or deeds.
Remember “For every action there is a counter reaction”.

So where is Sudden going with this…
As a Spiritual practitioner
I have taken upon myself the great challenge of having a spiritual gift and
sharing it with those I come in contact with?

1. There will always be differences of opinion due to a wide range of diverse
and distinctive characteristics, qualities, elements, and talents.
We all are a piece of this huge puzzle.
Once we figure out where the all the pieces fit together
we will comprehend that we are the structure that forms this divine World.
When we fight against each other,
we are destroying the framework that holds
and makes the world a better more pleasant place to dwell.
We as a whole are spiritual practitioners with lots of different backgrounds
but the bottom line is we are all striving for something we all have in common.
Our goal is and should be to build a community of faith,
love and respect for each other.
We work the “obra” not for personal gain,
or personal power or ego reasons but instead to develop a strong spiritual
unshakable faith and oneness within ourselves
and all those who are seeking a true spiritual growth development.
We are their ticket to Spiritual empowerment.
That is our unique gift and main mission.
This is one of the reasons we have been chosen.
As we were once lost and now we are found,
so we shall be the light at the end of the tunnel for those who are still lost.
Someone helped you….Now it’s your turn to give back and
help someone find themselves to.
Don’t keep it to yourself. Give back and more “Ache” for you.

As spiritual practitioners one of our contractual obligations
is to teach others with responsibility and accountability.
Many will come to us
and want to know this and that…and that is good.
Many feel that they want to learn and grow
and of course that is what we are here for but we also need to be aware
that teachers are also liability for their student’s growth,
but the student is liability for their own spiritual COMMITMENT.

I don’t have a dilemma with teaching.
My main concern is the understanding and accepting the responsibility
of what is being taught. Spiritual people,
the more you know the more accountable you will be.
I want everyone to know that once you have a deep, SPIRITUAL knowledge of
something you therefore are committed.
Committed to what? To living worthy of that “spiritual calling”.

That’s where the hesitation comes to play. Spiritual growth is no joke. Spirits,
Santos, any deity you come into contact with in your daily spiritual life
will teach you what you need to know at the right time,
at the right place and when they feel you are ready to take on the
“accountability and the responsibly” that follows.

I ask myself the question everyday
“when am I going to be crowned”
what are they waiting for?
But then I ask myself, am I truly ready to make the sacrifice and take that step,
the “yaborate”
and life long commitment that follows?
I’m sure they know me better than I know myself so then
I don’t worry anymore or question how or when.
I just trust that when the time is truly mine,
and I’m ready to take that responsibility, and have fulfilled all the necessary
obligations, they will make way for me to become one with my Santo,
the one that pertains to my Ori.
I have learned humbleness through humiliation.
I no longer ask or look for what I `m not ready to commit to.

Spiritual growth is a process of tearing down and reconstructing your mind, body,
and soul. This can be a very painful transformation. If you do not have the right
support, you can go crazy. Trust me, I’ve been there. There is so much emotional
release and an outburst of energy before a true spiritual birth can take place.
It’s called “Spiritual Labor Pains” no man can escape this one. Lol

Ask yourself this question:

Have you let go of fear, ego, excuses, rigid goals, negative attitudes and negative
thoughts, can welcome change as a friend and opportunity, view mistakes as
opportunity for growth, live in the moment, not in the past or future, balance your
energies by giving and receiving, develop spiritual ethics and morals, last but not
least, the knowledge that you have gained is being used with love, respect and the
higher good for you and all those you come in contact with.

If you have said yes to all this then you
are on your way to a positive spiritual journey.
If you can honestly say No there is still some issues I need to work on,
then take your time and don’t be in such a rush and work on those
areas in your life so you can freely reach your spiritual goals.
Start with the smaller and easier things first,
to prepare yourself for harder and more challenging occasions.

There is so much to learn. Baby steps….changes do not take place over night. It
takes 28 to 30 days to break a bad habit. What does it take to make these
changes…commitment, perseverance, trust, faith, focus, awareness,
understanding, acceptance, letting go, opening up, listening, and meditation

In conclusion:
You will always have challenges, obstacles, someone will come and do things better
than you or have more knowledge and personal power,
But, never, never compare yourself with no one else.
Realize that you are a unique, full of blessings and amazing individual,
striving for perfection in hopes of one day
truly living up to our spiritual rewards.

Blessings and Encouragement is my purpose today for all those who read
this…remember you are not alone. Do not dismay. We will get through this
together, one day at a time. There are many on this forum that is willing to teach.
We embarrass you and listen with an open mind and spiritual awareness. I
appreciate and honor everyone’s gift. Let’s unite and use our gifts for good.
We can’t change the entire world, but we can try making a
positive impact to those within our reach.

Many Blessings on your future journey,
Nsambia akutara
“The Chants of A Gitana”


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