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Karma Readings


What do your Karma Cards Represent

When two or more of karma cards appear in a spread I am aware of the fact that the clients problematic situations could be the product of a past life encounter that was never settled, or that needs to be dealt with in this life time in order to have closure.

`What you sow, so shall you reap’

`What goes around comes around’

`What you put out you get back’

The Universe is always watching when you think no one is

Basically, Karma is a result of past or past-life acts or deeds that need to be accepted and dealt with. Your Karma Cards will give you valuable insight on who you owe something to or who owes you.

Your 1 st Karma Card will tell you of something that you owe to someone as a result of something you have done in the past,

Either in this life or a past-life.

When you come face to face with the person you owe a karmic debt to it can be traumatic and cannot be avoided.

Be prepared to have a confrontation or feel a lot of tension

The knowledge given by your 1 st Karma Card can help you prepare for and accept what has to be done.

“Release the burden to set your soul free” Karma is not always negative!

As when you receive your `payback’ and face and accept your karmic debt the receiver of this is getting positive Karma.

Your 2 nd Karma Card is the opposite of the first. It means `payback’ time for someone else so you are the receiver of positive Karma.

As it states above, the person paying back the debt is the one who will go through the trauma, not you.

You may know nothing of the debt you owe until you are faced with the person identified by your 1 st Karma Card. This is where the Cards of Destiny can help you be aware that a situation has to be faced, accepted and dealt with.

Your Karma Cards will help you identify whom you owe this debt to. And who owes you.

The worst common you can have is with your own family members. It said that, in a past lifetime your brother could of been your husband, or your mother could of been your sister.

Family members knew each other before, and have come across each other again to resolve past life issues. That is why among family, you will find more drama and problems.

Karma is another chance to make things right amoung the person you might of hurt before in a past life time. I know it can be very difficult. Sometimes, its undiscribable how one can feel uncomfortable around a certain person and not know why. A Karma reading can help solve this mystery.

If you would like to schedule a Karma reading for more information

email me at sudden.martha@gmail.com

OLE and May the Sacred Scarf of the Gitana bless you today, tomorrow and forever more

Gitana SuddenEssence


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