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   Ok.You have already made your first site and got some regular visitors(mom,dad,brother).I am sure that you are asking yourself where are all the rest of the expected people.You have written dozen of unique and quality articles,add your site to many directories,share all your work in TWITTER,FACEBOOK and other social networks,but your AdSence earnings per day are still below 50 cents.

We all know that it’s hard and we all come to a conclusion that we reap as we sow.

Although almost all blog systems are well structured to SEO Optimization and GOOGLE has indexed all your articles,if you are in a highly competitive niche,you need time and seriuos work to reach the top of the positions.don’t forget that the optimization as a process that needs time to develop to its full potencial.

And why to wait if you have a finished porduct.

If you are already convinced it’s good idea to advertise ,it is good to know where to do so.There are already enough companies who have their own distribution system of your ad.One of the most common are:AdWords of Google,Easytrader and a lot more of Internet media groups.The choice depend whether you have a specific preference for a site to adretise or just want poeple to learn about your product.

I will discuse the system of contextual  ads Google AdWords as a most popular on Internet.It is the largest in the world and if your product is not just aimed only for your country-it is your choice.The network registration is quick and easy and your ads may appear almost immediately after you make your first payment and set up your ad campaign.

The advantages of this type of advertising  are:

*Quick way to reach many potencial customers

*Choose yourself which keywords to participate

*You can specify the price that you are willing to pay per click

*You can adjust your budget for the day

*Have full access to the sites on which your ad appear,and the ability to disable that sites where you don’t want your ad to appear

Of course as everywhere there are and cons:

*The benefit of the advertising stops with the stoping of the ad campaign and the SEO Optimization is the opposite side where your money work always for you

*Higher price per click for popular keywords

*Posibility of generating undesirable clicks in order to drain your budget for the campaign-click fraud

In conclusion I can say:

*Advertising on internet and SEO optimizations are two processes that shoud go hand in hand

*Carefully select the keywords and use the system for negative key and you can target your ads where you want


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