Wrapping Paper Rage and Other Things That Hurt During Christmas

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Welcome to my world. I always look forward to the holiday season with huge expectations… and more energy than I really should have. But… hey, it’s fun.

1. Cutting yourself on Christmas wrap. I don’t know if people actually enjoy wrapping up gifts… I certainly don’t, but it is even worse if you find yourself with a paper cut. For something so tiny, they can certainly cause a lot of pain.

2. Eating too much. Now this is a familiar one. You sit down to dinner and you try one spoonful of everything. That still is a whole lot of spoonfuls.

3. Not finding what you want for gifts. When the kids were little, it was so easy to shop for everything they could possibly want and fill a stocking at the same time. They aren’t kids any longer and now there is a soon to be daughter-in-law to buy for. It just keeps getting harder and harder.

4. Trying to do too much… like open house for the street

5. Doing nothing… Christmas can be a really lonely time during the holidays. If you can’t be with family, at least try to round up some friends that you could spend the day with.

6. Trying a new dish to serve… it might sound like a good idea, but trust me, if you find a recipe for a gorgeous looking dessert, give it a run through for the neighbors. Make sure that you have all the ingredients and it turns out to look exactly like it does in the picture!! If it doesn’t… well, you know what to do. 😉


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