Fishbowl Radio Network is hitting the airwaves!

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Their reach is unlimited.  Their audience is growing.  Fishbowl Radio on the World Wide Web for your listening pleasure.  The personalities offer a wide range of talent for you to listen to.  There are shows that play music, there are shows that talk about love and relationships, there is also some sports show and even a weekly soap opera!  There is absolutely something for everyone on this network.

With 25 years of experience under her belt, radio personality Sammi G. retired from the broadcasting industry at the young age of 43.  She wanted to spend more time with her family.  However, the bug of radio never left her side.  She missed it greatly.  Over the past two years she has watched the trends in the industry show that broadcasting is moving toward the internet.  She also noticed through our declinging economy that many of her former co-workers and friends in the broadcasting industry were loosing their jobs.  So she began to put a great deal of thought in how she could get on the bandwagon of internet radio and how she could help her peers in the industry and then the idea for Fishbowl was born.

Sammi spent months and months researching and finding the best way to set the network up and she found the perfect location.  Through a lot of prayer, hard work, and dedication it all came together.  Teaming up with her is Co-Owner, Johnny Burgos who also has had a great career in broadcasting.  Johnny handles all the technical aspects of the business, which affords Sammi the opportunity to get the talent in the offices to set up their shows on the schedule.  The network is growing rapidly in listeners ship as not only is the staff of the network promoting it to drive listeners to the show, but all of the hosts promote their own shows and they also cross-promote the other shows on the network as well.

This is definitely something you don’t want to miss.  Simply go to Click the main logo to jump into the bowl.  Once your on the main page you can select your favorite show host based on their time slot, or you can click on “On Air to Listen”.  It’s that easy.  In no time you will be listening to your favorite shows while you are on the world wide web.  Whether you are at home or work, Fishbowl has a show for you.undefined


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