How to get Half Price Cinema Tickets

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707469128.jpgHave you always wanted to get cheaper Cinema tickets.  You can find out now.  This trick will get you into the cinema for basically half price and never fails.  It is simple but will save you lots of money!

Orange Wednesdays is a scheme by Orange (the mobile phone company). It is probably one of the best things about being on the Orange network and something you should take advantage of especially if you have an Orange phone. 

The way it works is you text “FILM” to 241 and they will send you back a code which gives you a 2 for 1 voucher for the cinema. E.g. you pay for 1 person and get another free. This is excellent and really does make a difference.  This is basically the same as getting in for half price! You do however have to pay about 30p for the text but this is nothing like the cost of a ticket! As adult tickets are over £5 now it turns from a quite expensive night out to a relatively cheap one. To use your voucher you just have to queue up like normal and show the person on the till the voucher and they will process it for you. It really is that simple! The vouchers now also give you 2 for 1 at Pizza Express which is quite good so means you can watch a film and have a meal for basically half price.

This really works and means the cinema and a nice pizza afterwards becomes a lot more affordable as it becomes pratically half price.

You don`t even have to use Orange as your main phone to get this offer and you could simply have an orange sim with £5 on for cinema tickets!  It would be worth it for 1 visit alone!

You can find out more information about Orange Wednesday`s here

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