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Nothing is worse than taking the time to write a great article and have very little exposure to it and therefore no earnings. With the new Bookmarking site you are able to gain more visibility to your articles and blogs by submitting your information and allowing others to find it. The best thing about is that they let you earn 100% of the Google AdSense earnings for your link that is listed next to the title of your “scoop.” Most sites only give you a portion of what you earn so that in its self is an advantage.


Step 1

To submit articles and bookmarks in first you will need to sign up on the website. Click on link to sign up through my referral!

Step 2

After you have signed up for you will need to sign in and click on the link toward the top of the page that says Publish, you can also access this by clicking: Add a link / Publish a story in the link section on the right side of the page.

Step 3

This will take you to the create Scoop page. The scoop is just your bookmark or article that you enter onto the site.
Make sure you enter the full URL of the website you are bookmarking
Enter a title that you think people will search for and describes your article or blog the best, this must be between 10 to 100 characters long.
Enter a scoop or description of the article or website, this must be between 200 to 5000 characters long.

Step 4

After you have entered the description you should select the category for your article. There are not many to choose from but this will help people searching for your information find you better.

Step 5

After you select the category you will need to enter the tags for your article or story. Each should be followed by a comma.

Step 6

Hit the SEND IT NOW button to submit the scoop or preview if you would like to see what it is going to look like first.

Step 7

After you submit the article you can see it in your User Account section on Just click on the scoop tab. There it will show you how many scoops you have submitted, how many of those have been on the front page, the number of comments on your scoops, votes for your scoops, and the scoop ranking.

Step 8

All your earning for this site will show up in your Google AdSense account since you earn 100% of the money from your Ads!

Tips & Warnings

  • It’s a great idea to use the same userid on your account as your Ehow account so friends can easily find you!

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