Sentencing A Drunk Driver that Kills

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Everybody who gets drunk, has not always been drunk! Therefore, during the point in time where the person was sober, they knew that they would begin to drink and should have made the decision on how they would get home and what to do with their keys. At the time the drunkard is sober, they have control of their mind and should prepare carefully what they will do once drunk. The second they start drinking, their mind becomes altered and at that time, it is too late to start planning! Therefore, I think that anybody who gets behind the wheel of the car drunk, had an opportunity not to have possession of their keys and since they forfeited the decision to give the keys to someone sober or walk or take a taxi, then they have to pay the consequences. Here are the questions that need to be answered before sentencing a drunk driver who kills:

1) What did the victim do wrong? If two men get in a fight and the one insults the others wife, and the one who was insulted, pulls out a gun and shoots the other to death, that is murder and that is wrong. Obviously an insult does not advocate murder, but there was an initiation to the crime. When a drunk person kills, there is no initiation and therefore, the victim is always innocent.

2) What was the value of the victim’s life? Ten years in jail? Probation because it was the drunkards first offense? What is the value of a life? A man who has a family and is killed innocently has left behind a hurting family because of a decision that was controlled. So what should the sentence be?

3) Did the driver mean to kill someone? Maybe that erases the fact that it happened! It’s possible that because it was not intentional that it doesn’t deserve a harsh punishment. What is the definition of pre-meditated murder? When the person is sober before they get behind the wheel, they make a conscious decision to drive drunk! Therefore, it is pre-meditated! It may not be pre-meditated murder, but it is pre-meditated drunk driving, which in this case leads to death!

A drunk driver who kills should die and here is the reason why! If it is made known that a drunk driver was sentenced to die, it would not eliminate drunk driving but may deter it and the justice system would see a decrease in the number of cases. Sometimes, the harder the paddle, the less the crime will be committed!


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