Problems Today

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Problems today

There are many problems today, and so many of them are too close for us to be able to see, like a pencil too close to our nose. But, like the pencil, they are still very real. Problems such as declining morality, economic issues, lack of communication. Now I would like to use an example to point out the truth in what I say, my entire life. So here I am, sitting in my room of my parents house, using my laptop to illegally download TV shows and listening to illegally downloaded music and texting my friend about how my girlfriend won’t put out. I was bored so I decided to stumble (and if you don’t know what that is, download Firefox and get the Stumbleupon! add-on) and I came across this website to make money writing, which is pretty cool. Just a normal night in my life, but if you look then I’m sure you can see some things wrong with it.

To start, we can talk about how I’m stealing, and have been for quite some time. I’m not a naïve person who thinks I’m ‘just borrowing it’ or that it’s very ‘legit and legal’, I know what I’m doing. I mean, I’m not made out of money, if I bought all of the music I own then my bank account would be somewhere around zero. And don’t get me wrong, I feel very bad for the music industry and the artists, but I am not in a position to help them at the moment. This is a mix of the first two problems I mentioned, declining morality in society and economic issues. Maybe I started stealing music because I don’t have a job/money, but that isn’t the case and it would be irresponsible of me to hide behind ‘economic issues’. I just love music, and don’t like the music industry. But another aspect of this is this; if I had more morals then I wouldn’t be stealing, regardless of the economy or anything else. I’m a good person, if you met me on the street you would say that I am a pleasant person, albeit a little extravagant. And if it isn’t too bold of me to say, if a heaven exists, I’m sure I would go there when I die. But apparently my morals don’t cover stealing, which I’ve done plenty of. I won’t do any more stealing, with a mix between guilt catching up on me and an apprehension for the government finding out. But I am just one of millions, and unless me readers follow my example; I can’t change this particular stealing and lack of morality.

The next part of my example has to do with the first and third problem I mentioned. I’m just sitting here, texting my friend from Chicago about my love-life. I’m not actually talking to him, I didn’t decide to call him and have a real conversation, but this is the price of technology today. I can talk to people from around the world in so many different ways (I have friends from all around the world whom I keep in touch with often), yet I can’t seem to have a conversation with the people around me. I can’t talk to my parents about my grades or my lack of motivation, I can’t talk to my friends about how I feel inside, I can’t talk to that cute girl at the bar (partially because of my aforementioned girlfriend, but you know what I mean). Between texting and IMing and emailing, people can’t have a good, intimate conversation face to face. But it’s not all bad, my aunt and her granddaughter have the best relationship I’ve ever seen, and they are only in the same room a couple of times a year. They, however, see each other and talk to each other every day due to webcams, so technology can be good sometimes). So my friend and I are talking, and it’s about all of the sex that I don’t get. Now this has nothing to do with my choices (if it were up to me, we would be in bed right now), but she doesn’t want to for some reason. Once again, I show how I have a lack of morality, premarital sex used to never happen, but now is the exact opposite. Sex is normal, almost everyone I talk to on a daily basis has done it, and at my age people are surprised if you haven’t. I know I wanna have sex, but that’s because we’ve been dating for well over a year and I love her; but some people go to the extreme, with a new partner almost every day (and I’ve known people who are like this, and I hate them very much). People don’t respect their own bodies or others, and it’s very obvious who’s who in this game, those who get around more than a doorknob and those who are the moral, uptight, strange virgin.

Americans, and people all around the world need to change, and they need to start with their morality, and with using their money more on necessary things and less on the latest shiny item, and on communicating, being outgoing and pleasant. Don’t be me, be much better than me, because it could change your life, and change it for the better. Who knows, if enough people change then the whole crappy world could change too.


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