How to Remove Desktop Clutter on a Computer

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It is very important to remove desktop clutter on a computer to allow you to work diligently. When looking for files on a computer desktop clutter can make this very difficult. Below are a few simple things you can do to help remove desktop clutter on a computer.Instructions:

Step 1

Start by deleting files that are out of date or no longer needed. Be careful with anything that may be needed again but if its something that you have no intention going back to there is no reason to keep it.

Step 2

If there are items that you think you can delete but your not sure create a folder in your computer to store those. They will still be there is you ever need them but they are no longer laying on your desktop taking up space and making it difficult to find things you do use on a regular basis.

Step 3

Move program files to your toolbar in the quick launch section. To do this hover on your toolbar and press your right mouse button, go to toolbar then click on quick launch. This should pull up a few icons at the front of your toolbar. To add other shortcuts to this section just click on it and drag to the quick launch section of your toolbar. This is a great place for an link!

Step 4

Use a desktop clean up application to automatically archive your old files. These can be located for free download on the internet or may already be on your computer in the: customize desktop option, (desktop clean up wizard). These programs will move files that are not used for a set amount of time to an archived folder.

Step 5

There are many advantages to remove Desktop Clutter on a computer. If you notice you are having a hard time locating items on your desktop it may be time to remove desktop clutter on your computer. This will also save you time when trying to find a place to store other files on your desktop because there will already be a place for them and you won’t be working on this every time you want to add something that is important. Its also very distracting to have desktop clutter on a computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • You should always keep you desktop on your computer as clean as your regular desktop.


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