How to Pare Down Your Holiday Christmas Card List To Save Money

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Christmas is only weeks away and many of us probably have started sending out our Christmas cards this year.  With the price of stamps and holiday cards, there is a way in which you can pare down your holiday card list this year. 

 First, you can narrow your card list down to only your closest family members and friends.  If you feel the need to include co-workers in your card list, you can save money by handing the cards to co-workers in the workplace.  Giving out cards in the workplace will cut down considerable on postage stamps. 

 Next, Even with some of your immediate neighbors, you can actually hand the Christmas cards to them in person or even leave the card at their front door.  It is always nice to personalize your cards.  Writing a personal note is a good gesture wishing a family member or good friend a healthy and happy season this year.  You would be surprised how much joy a simple Christmas card can bring to those who may be feeling down.

 Finally, make sure you purchase your holiday cards in bulk at a discount store.  Wal-Mart sells beautiful holiday cards complete with envelopes at extraordinary prices.  Greeting cards at Wal-Mart are priced between $4-$10. 

 As far as gifts are concerned, it is best to limit the list to family only.  With the troubled economy and job loss, it makes sense to buy for family only.  A family Pollyanna is a great idea this holiday season.  Happy Holidays!!!


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