How to bond with your dog

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There’s lots of ways to make your dog happy.Although the first few weeks at home he probably feels homesick he’ll realize that he belongs to you and hes part of your family now.When you get home from either work,school,or the movies welcome your dog by maybe brushing his coat while he perches in your lap,take him out for a walk or cuddle with him on your bed or even his.You should be taking your dog out for a walk atleast three times a day.If your having trouble training your dog to become housebroken try taking him for up to four walks a day or an hour after he eats.He will soon understand that youll take care of his needs and will no longer leave those ukky stains on your carpet floor.Its extremly important to play with your dog thrpughout the day.Dogs dont understand when you dont have time to play.Plus remember the more time you spend with your dog the more hell begin to trust you and develope a special bond.Soon hell jump all over you when you knock on the door or even make the slightest sound.Try taking some time to train your dog.Its good for him and youll both have fun trying out what tricks your pooch can accompish.As you begin to bond with your dog you can even try to compete in dog shows.Who knows maybe youll win a medal?

There are somethings although that you wouldnt do to make him happy…

You come home,reach into the cabinet,and pull out a box of cereal only to find your dog standing there watching your every step as you begin to eat.Although those cute eyes and begger’s whine will catch your attension almost every three minutes its not the best of ideas to give your dog the scraps.a years worth of scraps can sometimes reduce a few years of your dogs life! Instead why not pull out a dog treat or maybe even a leftover steak bone?You can even bring out a chew toy for a distraction…anything to get yourself from feeding him the leftovers.

You’ll soon realize you and your dog are the best of friends.”Cat? Yeah Right …I’ve got a dog!”


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