Morgan Freeman’s Hand

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After a lifetime of acting and building up a reputation I am sure that Morgan Freeman is very impressed that his hand is getting more publicity than his new film Prom Night in Mississippi. Freeman’s new film deals with race issues in Charleston, Mississippi. The film follows a group of boys and girls who are getting ready for the prom but this year it is an important one…the first ever racial integrated prom from their high school. Ok so you think another civil rights film but that isn’t the shocking part. The thing is that this prom took place in 2008. Yep that’s 2008 as in last year. Up to that stage there had never been an integrated prom in that school. To make it evenworse this was a controversial move and some parents prevented their children from attending; they even held a separate whites only prom of their own. How in goodness name can a whites only anything still be held in 2008?

The integrated prom only took place because Freeman offered to pay for such an event. He had done the same thing in 1998 but Charleston wasn’t quite ready then and had to wait another ten years before they felt able to face the challenge. By paying for the event to take place Freeman acted a part that fanned the flames but by filming the results he also allowed the wider world to realise how much racism is still present in America today. Hopefully being faced with suchevidence will make people consider their own attitudes but I have to doubt that it will. After all if productions like To Kill a Mocking Bird and Mississippi Burning didn’t why would this be any different?

To return to the subject of Freeman’s hand..seeming a little less important now isn’t it but still it is what we focus on. Soon we will get the opportunity to see Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela. Let’s hope his hand is better by then because that sounds like a film that really deserves our full attention.


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