Should you reconsider your relationship

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Should you reconsider your relationship with your man? There is a time in a relationship when you should sit back and see if you should reconsider it. If the relationship is unproductive, you should consider working on it or moving on. There are many people who stay in a bad relationship and they don’t bother to fix it or to move on. They don’t know what to do sometimes. I’ve read many relationship problems posts online and there are some women who don’t really know what to do next. They are in a relationship where the man doesn’t care for them but they’re still waiting for the man to call them and get their hopes up that maybe their man will love them someday. It’s wrong to keep on waiting when people don’t really put their efforts into the relationship. There are many women or young girls who are confused about their relationships.

If you find yourself gong on to forum and asking questions about your relationship often then there is problems in yo8ur relationship. If you do have problems, you should reconsider the status of your relationship. If it’s causing you headaches then you need to look at it more to see if you should work it out or leave. A good relationship doesn’t come with that many headaches. You will get some problems here and there but it shouldn’t be with so much problems. I used to have a friend who was fighting with her boyfriend daily. It turned out that he was dating two women at the same time and she might have picked that up. When they’re with other women, they neglect you and you end up questioning why they don’t pick up the phone or why they don’t make plans with you. I have had those bad relationships too. I’ve dated men where they wouldn’t even pick up the phone when I called. What if I’m in a bad car accident and really needed help? He would leave me sitting on the freeway by myself. That’s not really is a good boyfriend.

If you find yourself confused, hurt and angry, you should give your relationship another look. Maybe it’s time to find a new relationship. Why would you stay in a relationship that is giving you such a headache anyway? There will always be better men out there. I’ve found better boyfriends after I left my terrible relationship. I’ve had terrible relationship and good relationship too. Not all men will treat you bad, only the bad ones will treat you bad. You should be selective and choose a good man for yourself. You deserve good relationship. A good man is out there but you have to leave your bad relationship first.


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