Banana Pancakes

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Pancakes in general and banana pancakes in particular are a firm favorite with one and all from the kids to the oldies and everyone in between. The real beauty of banana pancakes; also referred to as banana fritters, is that they truly are an uncomplicated, versatile, quick and easy to make nutritious dish that can be readily customized to incorporate that which you have on hand rather than demanding a trip to the shops for specialty supplies.

Furthermore; even those “over-ripe” bananas, which would otherwise be thrown into the trash can be used in the production of banana pancakes. Waste not, want not. This is something we are all going to have to come to terms with in these economically difficult times.

One of the best ways to reduce expenditure and operating costs; all the while improving viability, is to use what you have more effectively and efficiently all the while reducing waste. With all of these benefits it is not hard to understand why banana pancakes are considered to be “cook friendly”.

Let us start with a basic banana pancake recipe and then move on to making some changes and additions to give your banana pancakes that something special; the personal touch. Get the basics right and own the dish.

Basic Ingredients

3 Ripe Bananas, 2 Eggs, 2½ Cups Buttermilk, 2 Cups All-Purpose Flour, 2 Tablespoons Firmly Packed Light Brown Sugar, ¼ Cup (½ Stick) Butter, 2 Teaspoons each of Baking Powder and Baking Soda, ½ Teaspoon each of Salt and Vanilla Extract

Preparing Banana Pancake Batter Mix

First task is to thoroughly mash two of the bananas in a mixing bowl and then thinly slice the third banana into the same bowl. Note that over ripe bananas are ideally suited to being mashed.

Now melt the butter

Next select a large mixing bowl and combine all of the flour, brown sugar, salt, baking soda and baking powder. Do make sure that you mix these ingredients thoroughly so that your mixture is an even blend. Once done set aside both bowl and mix.

In another mixing bowl combine the eggs, vanilla, melted butter and buttermilk. Once again make sure that you mix these ingredients thoroughly

Combine the Mixes

Firstly; stir the mashed and thinly sliced bananas into the egg mix.

Now to combine both mixes by gradually adding the flour mixture to the egg mixture stirring all the while you do so. It is important that both mixtures are combined by gradually adding the flour mixture to the egg mixture and not vice versa.

Continue stirring until the mixture is just blended. Take care not to “over-mix” the combined mixture.

Once done let the mix stand for at least five minutes before using.

Servings – This mix will make from 10 to 15 banana pancakes depending upon the quantity of mixture used for each pancake and how thinly it is spread while cooking.

Maple Butter

Let’s make some maple butter to use as a topping with our banana pancakes. The ingredients you will require to make some maple butter are: 1 Cup of Maple Syrup for every ½ Cup (1 stick) of butter being used. This 2 to 1 ratio can be scaled to suit.

Method – Add the maple syrup and butter into a small saucepan. Now heat gently while stirring all the while. Continue gentle heating and stirring until the butter is fully melted and the mixture is smooth. It is advisable to keep the maple butter warm until it is served.


While there is no end to the types of modifications that you can make to this basic banana pancake mix some of the more popular include:

Using honey, caramel, butterscotch or golden syrup in place of the maple syrup

Adding a tablespoon of peanut butter or a pinch of ginger to the batter mix

Topping with cream, whipped cream, ice cream, yoghurt, berries, fruit salad etc


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