The trials of writting a book

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My name is Amber and I love to read! I would read a book a day if I could, I have over 500 books in my library. Now you ask what does that have to do with witting a book? Well I have been told over and over I should write a book  and after years of saying, “No I am not good at witting.” I thought I would give it a try. See I am really bad at spelling and grammar. I always have been, I probably always will be and that was one of the things that was holding me back. Then one day my friend goes “Will that’s what an editor and spell check is for right? ” So I let that set into my brain and say ” YES, I can and will write a book.”

 Well its not really that simple. I started with a short story which I never finished, it made my mother cry. It was about a abused girl who died and her ghost started talking to her old teacher telling her about a key that would lead to her killer. Along the way the teacher ends up with the all in all good guy officer investigating the girls murder and they would fall madly in love and find the killer and bring justice to the world. I got four chapters in when I got writers block. What the heck right? I had this idea and it was great but no it didn’t work cause I couldn’t figure out dialog. That was my problem, where things of fishy.

 Try two was some years later. A littler older and littler more in mind and after reading these awesome books on vampires I wanted to go there ( NO it was not twilight, it was way before twilight thanks.) So this time I set up an outline. Got the characters going, what they looked like, where they where from, any hang up they had, and of coarse what they where. I got this all written and hanging on my kitchen wall so I can look at it while I was working on the book. Now I am so excited I got a great plan, a vampire who runs an day and night dating service. Day for the humans and shape shifters, nights for the vampires like she is. In a world with vampires and shape shifters who call them self’s the outsiders. Then there’s a murder and FBI are sent out, their supernatural team. The evidence leads back to the dating service and the lead vamptress. After deciding to help find who is setting her up she falls for the head of the FBI’s super team. I had even set it up where I could write more books on the other characters, but once again I was blocked I sat in front of my comp looking at the outline and just couldn’t get more then a few words out. So I tried writing the old way by hand and a got a little more but not much. Once again I was stumped by the dialog. Then came the time. Time it takes to sit and write. As a new mother, I have a one year old, I have a hard time finding just one hour to sit and write.

 I am now going to attempted to write again: but along the way I have learned it is not easy to write a book, you don’t just get to sit down and write and all will be good. That’s its not easy getting the great ideas in my head on to paper ( or screen as is the case today ). I am still not so good at spelling and grammar, but there is still spell check and I have an great friend who is and English grad that is willing to help me with the grammar. Here’s something I have learned when it come to witting something’s come easy and some things are just hard, but I must say once I get my book done and can read it and love it ( cause I know I will love it ) the time and hard work, the frustration, and the blank look I am sure I get staring at the screen witting nothing, will be worth it.

 If you have the same problem I hope my keep trying spirit will keep you going too.


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