How to Make and Upload Slide to Bukisa

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Uploading slide in Bukisa is easy and you can do it too.Bukisa also accepts slide, audio, and video beside articles. I have tried to post the slide in Bukisa and it is fun.

Before uploading slice, you should make preparation. Unlike submitting text or articles, uploading a slide must need pdf file.

1. Make a text first at least 250 words

2. Find the beautiful pictures

3. Open Microsoft window PowerPoint 2007

4. Create first page. First line is the title of article and second line is your name

5. The second slide is the preface of your slide

6. Make Slide that contain your text. The best design is two column. The left column is picture and right column is your text.

7. If you have finish the slide, save the file.

8. Convert the ppt file to pdf by adobe acrobat or you can use other software that is able to covert PowerPoint 2007 to pdf.

If you have no Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, you can use Google document or Google Docs. Sign up to Google first if you have no Google accounts. Follow these steps;

1. Open Google Docs presentation

2. Make slide

3. Save the docs

4. Click right the file and select the share. Select pdf and download it.

I prefer Google docs because it is simple and I can convert the ppt file to pdf. Unfortunately, Google Docs just has few template and picture; therefore, you can find free pictures form flickr, photobucket, morgue file, or other free photo website.

After the slide finish, you can publish it at Bukisa. How to upload it?

1. Lo gin to Bukisa account

2. Click Publish tab

3. Select Slide

4. Fill The title, summary, text, and tags.

5. Select the copy right and checklist the box. Save

6. You may select the templates

7. Upload your pdf slide

8. Save

Your slide will live in 24 hours.


1. Use beautiful and relevance photo for your slide

2. Use your own photo because you own the copyright.

3. Be careful some free photo has copyright so you cannot put at your slide.

4. Slide is different with article, you should use short and clear sentence.

5. The best font size is 20 but you may use 18. You can select which kind of font that you like.

6. Do not forget to attribute other photo or give link to the photo source. You can put it below the text or picture.

7. Make the text first then you can paste it to slide.


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