Website Names to Laugh At

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1. – This website produces musicals and dramas for your viewing pleasure. Did we mention the cast are a bunch of whores? Welcome to Whore Presents!
Yea right!
“Who Represents,” dot com is actually a website that has information on the agents who represent celebrities.

2. – Do you think you were born in the wrong body? Then come on over to the Expert Sex Exchange!
“Experts Exchange,” dot com is a website dedicated to people who expertly exchange information on subjects.

3. – Tourists come from all the corners of the world to spectate our wonderous visions of, you guessed it! Penis Land!
Think again!
“Pen Island,’ dot com is a website that makes pens.

4. – Are you tired of men that just can’t seem to take control of anything in life? Then sign up for free at The Rapist dot com.
(La Sigh)
“Therapist Finder,” dot com is what you really need if you’re looking for a rapist.

5. –  Is your genitalia power fading fast? Well we have something for you that would make Smilin’ Bob’s face explode from smiling so much. Visit Power Genitalia dot com.
Hopefully not…
“Power Gen Italia,” is an Italian power generator company. Get your minds out of the gutter!

6. – Here’s a site you can check out if your a terrible parent. Visit the Molestation Nursery!
I know, I know, pretty gross.
“Mole Station Nursesry,” dot com is a nursery located in New South Wales, and probably not as bad as it sounds online.

7. – Do you pee anywhere when you feel like it? Then come on over and share your stories and photos with our community!
I hope not.
“Ip Anywhere,” dot com is a website that provides tools so you can pc-anywhere. Ha, a play on words.


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