Why I am vegetarian

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The other night i went out for pizza not realizing i had eaten meat for the first time in years. I failed when i saw the meat on the pizza i was eating i picked it off not realizing just the grease for from the sausage would make me sick. A few hours later i became violently ill. It started which severe stomach cramps. and a few minutes later to be painfully honest it was coming out both ends of my body. When i finally got it out of my system i was fine. I now know there is no way and no reason i would go back to eating meat. What would have happend if i actually would have eaten meat. The thought actually scares me. I had been thinking about recently what would happen if i were to go back to eating meat. It kind of intrigued me, but not anymore after my experience i know i will be vegetarian for the rest of my life. Since i became vegetarian eight years ago i have not been sick prior to that i was sick all the time. I know that if people really thought about what they were eating or what they were feeding there kids they would have second thoughts about it. But most people ignore the truth about what they are eating. When i frst became vegetarian it was difficult and there were times i wanted to give up. It really is the only thing i have ever accomplished. I am not sure why i have been able to stick to it besides the fact that i know in my heart this is what God wanted for me.


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