Keeping That Child Alive In You

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What were your favorite things to do as a child? Did you run barefoot in freshly mowed grass because it felt cool between your toes? Did you play in the Summer rain because it was fun and smelled good? As adults we tend to forget all those things because we’re supposed to be mature and grown up. Release that child inside, let go and allow yourself some good old childhood fun to come out and play!

Do you like to sing? Well, then try singing all day! Sing in the shower, in the car, while you’re cooking, even sing in the rain! Just sing! Children do it all the time! Who cares if you can’t hold a note. It’s good to exercise the vocal chords as well.

If you have children, this is great, but even if you don’t, the next time you’re at the park, or anywhere really, try skipping! Yes, it sounds ridiculous but it’s fun! Your children will love it and you’ll feel like a child again yourself!

Take a walk in the rain. Don’t worry about getting sick (the rhino virus is what gives you a cold), or what your neighbors think. An added bonus to this is that your hair will feel fresh and soft from the rainwater.

Hiking is wonderful in the summer but how about taking a hike in the snow? You’ll notice how clean, fresh and crisp the air is, as well as the solitude of the Winter’ s beauty. Make sure to snuggle up though to keep warm.

Sit down and have a nice big, fresh glass of Chocolate Milk! When was the last time you had this yummy drink! While you’re at it, buy one of those crazy straws and watch the milk travel all the way through like you did when you were little!

Buy a butterfly net, and catch, identify and set free these beautiful creatures of transformation!

The next time you are out in your garden, forego the shoes and just feel the warm, soft earth beneath your feet! It’s an amazing feeling to get as close to Mother Earth as you can, and even if it begins to shower (not down pour) just bask in all the scents, and textures of your surroundings. Your Spirit will love you for it!

If you have a pet, or know someone who does, the next time you see them, go up and give him/her a great big hug! Not just a pat on the head, a nice big bear hug! Children do it all the time. Children are led by their authentic selves and do what comes naturally! So give that lovable dog a great big hug!!


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