How to save energy at Christmas

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Saving energy is difficult without all of the relatives, so when everyone is coming to visit, if they are coming to your house the energy bill is likely to increase dramatically.  By following a few simple rules, you can save energy and money.

  1. Turn down your heat at night.  Keep it at a temperature where your pipes won’t freeze, but keep it lower than you do during the day.  At night, your whole family will be wrapped up in blankets and won’t need the heat to be turned up very high.
  2. Only turn on your Christmas lights at night and only leave them on for a few hours.  Keeping the lights on all day and night only wastes energy that you could easily save.  By turning them on only at night and only for a few hours before the children go to bed, the lights will be much more special.
  3. Don’t plug in any RVs.  If anyone in your family comes to visit in an RV, have them stay in the house while they are visiting.  Plugging in an RV to keep it heated will make your energy bills skyrocket.  Insisting on your family staying in the house will lower your energy bills and it will also make your family members feel much more welcomed when they come to visit.
  4. During the day, keep your heat down to about 65 to 68 degrees.  It might seem a bit chilly in the house, but wearing a sweater and keeping the heat down to reasonable temperatures will lower your electric bills drastically this holiday season.

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