How to decide on a location for a Christmas reunion

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But deciding on a location for a family get together can be troublesome.  Some members of the family might insist on hosting and some might not be able to make it to certain locations.  Deciding on the location can make a huge difference in the plans of your family during the holiday season.

  1. Consider the size of the houses you family lives in.  If you have a large family, but you have a tiny two bedroom house, it might be difficult to find room for all of your relatives.  You want to be sure that you can somehow make arrangements for all of your family members for the holidays.  It is better to avoid hotels since those can become very expensive.
  2. Consider the location of everyone’s homes.  If you live relatively near, like in the same town or within a couple hours drive, this might not be a problem since you can easily gather for a Christmas dinner and everyone can go to their own homes later or the next day, but for families that are very scattered the location can be challenging.  If you have a family that is scattered, you’ll want to pick a location that is the most central for everyone.
  3. Don’t forget to consider travel expenses when you are planning for a family reunion over Christmas.  If there are those in your family that will not be able to make the trip, you might want to see about doing the family reunion at their house.

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