How to find a great Christmas gift for your nephew

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.  Picking a great gift for your nephew can be easy or hard, depending on the age and what their current interests might be.

  1. Make sure you get something age appropriate.  If your nephew is only seven, you don’t want to get him some huge book that’s far above his reading level.  Pay attention to his age to get him the best gift.  A child is more likely to be interested in a new toy, but an older nephew in the teen years might have some interest like science that you can consider for gift ideas.
  2. Find out his interests.  If your nephew likes video games, get him a new game for whatever system he might already have.  If you want to get him a game system that he doesn’t have, that is also a good gift idea.  Maybe a hand-held one like the Nintendo DS or a PSP, if he doesn’t yet have one.
  3. Avoid getting him clothes.  For one thing, if he’s still growing, he might outgrow an outfit you’ve bought him before he ever opens it.  For another, clothes are something that a child isn’t going to appreciate much from an aunt or uncle.  Keep in mind that aunts, uncles and grandparents get to give the gifts that are annoyingly loud and that children find the most interesting.
  4. If you can’t think of anything else, get him some candy or hot chocolate.  Kids of almost any age group will likely enjoy some candy or sweets, and Christmas is a good time for them to be given the special treat, especially if they do not often eat sweets.

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