How to Get a Real Letter From Santa for Your Kids

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Can you remember getting a letter from Santa around Christmastime? If you did get a letter, then you know how special it was to you. If you didn’t ever get a letter from Santa, then discover the next best thing – ordering a letter from Santa. They’re personalized, have a postmark form the North Pole and some even have reindeer food inside! Great fun for any kid in your life.

There are two ways you can get a real letterf rom Santa for your kids this Christmas.

The first way is with a little help from the U.S. Postal Service.

1) Write your Letter from Santa, make sure to make it look like a real letter from Santa. Use special stationery, a unique style of handwriting, or get someone else to write it for you so your child does not recognize your handwriting.

2) Seal this letter from Santa in an envelope and address it to your child. Make certain the child’s address is accurate. In the return address area of the envelope (upper left) write “Letter from Santa”, and “North Pole” just below that. Be sure to add a stamp. Use a Christmas stamp if you have one. Check with your post office.

3) Attach a sticky note (Post-It Note) to the envelope which reads, “Postmaster, Please postmark and place in outgoing mail.”

4) Place the Letter from Santa in a larger envelope with your correct return address. Address this larger envelope, “Postmaster, North Pole, Alaska 99705”. Be sure to use proper postage since this is a bigger envelope. Ask your U.S. Postal worker or just add another first class stamp.  Mail the letter before December 10 if you want your child to receive it before Christmas.

There is another way to get a real letter from Santa for your kids this Christmas – it’s so easy to give a special gift to the younger children in your life. This is a rare chance to make a lasting memory that will live in their hearts throughout their lives. Just follow the simple directions:

You’ll need access to a computer with internet connection, and a credit or debit card.

1) Make a list of those children to whom you want to send a letter from Santa.

2) Check several of the websites listed here and compare prices and services offered. They’re all different, so you can select what suits your needs best.

3) Select and log on to the website you selected, follow directions on the site. Be careful of step-sell items – these are add-ons that are specifically designed to get more of your money. Ask your self if your children would really want some of these add-ons, or is the letter enough?

*  As with any online purchase, be cautious.
*  Make sure your credit card will reimburse you for any fraudulent activity and for purchases not authorized by you.


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