Dyrham Park Review

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Dyrham Park is a National Trust attraction in Gloucestershire. The attraction includes an old mansion, massive gardens and lands which have deer for you to see, a tearoom and a shop. There is quite a lot to see here and it is an enjoyable visit especially if you have a National Trust membership card. 

The grounds are massive and according to the National Trust there is 274 acres of them! There is quite a long walk to the house from the entrance but it is beautiful. There were also some of the deer on the way up to the house which are well worth taking photos of. You then see the house which looks brilliant and very impressive. If you are disabled, can`t walk well or simply lazy you can also get a shuttle bus to the house which is a nice little feature. 

The house is from the late 17th century and was designed for William Blathwayt, Secretary of War in the reign of William the third. The National Trust got Dyrham Park in 1961. Inside the house it is quite interesting and you see rooms like the kitchen and bedrooms. My favourite room is the kitchen as I like looking at all the cooking equipment around at the time and normally find them very impressive. You also get to see the sort of food they ate at the time. The kitchen was really big and quite magnificent. The other rooms were also impressive but not as much in my opinion. Some of the rooms were very dark meaning you could hardly see what was in the room! This is obviously to protect items but is a shame if it is hard to see anything! The house also had lots of paintings and fancy furniture. Overall I thought the house was very good and interesting. 
The grounds were brilliant and seeing deer was great! There were many interesting plants to see as well and some of the trees were in strange shapes. There was a hill which was very steep but at the top you had excellent views of the house and the grounds. 

The tearoom sold things like hot drinks, ice cream, and cakes but had a very limited range of food and drink because apparently there was a fire in the oven that morning! There was seating inside and outside but it was very busy so the inside was full so we had to sit outside. I did see a peacock on a roof though as a result which was quite funny! The ice cream I had was delicious and I think all National Trust cafe/ tearooms have good quality food and drink. 

There was also a shop selling the usual sort of items. They sold things like mugs, rugs, pens all at very expensive prices. I know it is a charity but does it have to be so expensive. I would rather donate money at a convenient time than pay a very high price for something and feel like I have been ripped off compared to donating where you get a nice feeling afterwards. Anyway the shop was OK but basically was expensive. 

Overall I thought Dyrham Park was an excellent attraction and as it was free for National Trust members (which I am) meant I had a very nice day out for basically nothing! This is great in my opinion. I enjoyed visiting Dyrham Park and liked the house and grounds and would recommend it to all who like these sort of places. 

I know it is free along with all other National Trust places if you are a member which is quite cheap and well worth it I think. 
According to the website at http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-dyrhampark Gift Aid Admission (Standard Admission prices in brackets): £10.50 (£9.54), child £5.25 (£4.70), family £26.25 (£23.80). Groups (10+) (£9.35). Garden and park only: £4.20 (£3.80), child £2.10 (£1.90), family £9.35 (£8.50). Park only: £2.70 (£2.45), child £1.40 (£1.25), family £6 (£5.45) You do have to bear in mind it is a good cause so your money is not going to some rich businessman. 

Dyrham, nr Bath, Gloucestershire SN14 8ER 

4/5 Definitely recommended! 

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