How To Eliminate Student Loans Starting Now

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Whether they’re subsidized loans from the government or loans made from private institutions, they all still boil down to as loans – and they still represent a burden of debt on your part so it’s very important to pay them off as soon as possible.

Difficulty: 5

Things You’ll Need: some good mathematics, a calendar or planner, note pad, will power some self control,

Step 1. Figure out how much you owe. Determine the types of loans that you have taken out during your college/university years. If you have more than one loan, then determine how much you owe in total, and how much you owe separately (and who your lenders are). This way, you have a clear picture of how much you have to pay in all.

Step 2: Subsequently clear yourself from debts. Student loans are supposedly paid off after college and a grace period is even given after that. But this doesn’t mean that you have to wait for everything to expire before you begin about in paying all of your student loans. If you can, do so while you are still schooling, if this is not possible, pay it the soonest right after graduation.

Step 3. List down all your student loans (if there is more than one), and arrange them in biggest interest rate. After you’re done with the first one, move on to the next, but continue to make payments with the same amount. You’ll be surprised at how quick you will be able to pay off the other loans with just the same amount.

Step 4. Work Harder. Look for other ways to earn more money. There are numerous part time jobs that you can take outside your day job, and you can channel all your earnings from these to paying your loans.

Step 5: Set aside half of your extra earnings. Supposed you are to get a commission or a Christmas bonus, spend one half for the things you want, and the other half for your student loans.

Step 6: CONSTANTLY pay your student loans. If you have decided to pay it on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis on an X amount, make sure to meet this. Your efforts may not pay off especially when you miss to do something you are obligated to. To avoid missing out your financial obligations, write them down on a planner or a calendar to remind you of the dates. Be sure to follow them!

Step 7: Live economically. Never overspend on the things you ONLY want but doesn’t really need. Save up if you don’t really need to buy things. Your extra money should go a long way.


– Start paying your student loan immediately.

– Never wait for deadlines to arrive. Make your time useful by finding ways to clear yourself from student loans

– Stay motivated. If this means buying yourself a nice outfit occasionally then do so!

– Get some finance planning if you feel that you need it.


– Avoid borrowing money again. Try to pay off all your student loans from your own earnings and not from another loan or debts from other institutions.

– If you’re having a difficult time making payments, don’t quit with the payments. Speak to your lender(s) and see if there is any way they can defer payments for you.



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