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Dooyoo is a site where you eanr money for writing reviews and this article explains their very generous reward system.

When you write a review over 150 words you get 500 miles (50p) but I think this should be raised to about 250 to stop churners and people writing 150 word reviews with no detail just to earn a little money.

You also get an extra 1500 miles for writing a review that gets a crown which in my opinion is very fair and just the right amount without being over the top. I don`t really understand how you get a crown yet but I think Dooyoo decide who gets them. 

You also earn a little bit when a member rates your reviews and I think this is very good as it gives the site a great community feel. When another Dooyoo member rates your review you get 15 Dooyoo miles which I think is very fair. The only thing that is bad about this is a member who has been rated not useful should not be paid the same as a member who got rated very useful. 

If you suggest a product you get a measly 10 miles which I think should be increased because you are making the site better and I have only suggested one thing because I am not bothered about the reward and time it takes for my suggestion to be added. 

There are also various other competitions to get a bit more but I have not really bothered with these yet but as time goes on I will investigate! 
The payment options are by Amazon vouchers, cheque or if you are feeling very kind you can give your miles to charity. Once you have earned 10000 miles you can request an Amazon voucher (I have so far received two.) 

I like these options but feel they could be improved by adding other vouchers. Changing the 50000 miles limit to request a cheque should be lowered to about 20000 miles and changed to BACS and Paypal as both are quicker. 

Overall I think that the Dooyoo rewards are great and one of many reasons why this is such a great site!


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