Handbook of employee

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There must be some rules and regulations for all business. This is the reason handbook of employee is established. An employee handbook is the summary of polices. This is very important that every employee should familiar with handbook. At orientation, an employee is given a print of handbook and they need to sign of receiving that print. This handbook clears that if some one will break the rule, he cannot say that he was not aware of this. This handbook is very important for supervisors and managers obey the given polices. If some one will fail to obey, he could take to court.

According to Business (2009), “the process of taking a case through court, the litigation or legal process is most common in civil lawsuits. In litigation, there is a plaintiff (one who brings the charge) and a defendant (one against whom the charge is brought).”

There are many mistakes by managers that can involve them in legal actions. There are three major reasons:

Disregard company policy:

If someone disregard polices of company, this can be cause of incompatible treatment. The employee will known as mismanaged and uncaring person if he will disobey polices. For example, if any employee leek out the information out of company this will lead to court. Improper termination:

When somebody is fired without, any notice this is called improper termination. This rarely happens. If employee feels that he should not be fired because management has, no warning then he should get legal actions.

Failure to document:

Managers should have a written proof of any action. If managers will not do so then employees will not take verbal conversation as a solid proof and this can be against the manager to himself. Verbal warning is not taken seriously so written or document of all the actions is a safe and legal way to convey any message (align, 2005).

This is very important for managers to use handbook as a guide to direct the employees. Failure can lead to the legal actions and this can be harmful for the future of mangers. Documentations can safe a company from argue, “He says or she says”. Communication is the best way to have a good management and best work. Failure of management can create bad impact of company. Key to having an experienced and good staff is to have a detailed handbook and complete understanding for both managers and employees.


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