Introduction to AdventureQuest The Free Flash Game that Bills Itself as an MMORPG

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A gamer who does a Google search on Free MMORPGs may find a game called AdventureQuest. While it bills itself as a free MMORPG , the game cannot really be described as such, because the game’s interface can only handle one player at a time. That does not mean the game cannot be a pleasant distraction for the person looking for something to do who likes old style role playing games.

Because AdventureQuest is a flash game it can be played in a browser and no special clients or software is required. While there is no real interaction with other players in the AdventureQuest, players can still go through and fight monsters and complete quests.

The AdventureQuest Class System

Unlike many other role playing games where the class of the character is set at creation, the AdventureQuest classes can be changed throughout the game. The abilities a character can use are determined by his equipped armor. Mages, rogues, and fighters are the base classes and as you progress through the game werewolves, pirates, berserkers and many other classes can be unlocked.

Full access to all the classes and abilities of AdventureQuest requires a player to pay a one time fee to play . A free player can progress halfway through the basic class’s levels by completing class related quests. As soon as he completes these quests, he must either pick a new class to unlock new abilities or pay for a guardian membership to AdventureQuest

AdventureQuest Guardians

Many free MMORPGs offer players a greater level of membership that grants them special privileges or access to more items and areas in the game. The need to maintain a lot of servers for AdventureQuest is not there, but the owners of the site pay considerable hosting fees. A player who wants full access to the AdventureQuest world and to support the game programmers and designer can become what is known as a guardian. A Guardian membership can be bought for a one time fee of $20.

AdventureQuest may not be the ideal game for putting a lot of time into, but it is a great distraction that does not require a top of the line system or a lot of time. You can quit and come back to it later and not have lost much in the game.


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