EQ 0-135 Beginner’s Baking Guide Advice for Begining a Cooking Career in Everquest

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Baking is the art of cooking delicious foods. In Everquest these foods can be used to keep a player from going hungry, and certain foods like the Halas ten pound meat pie can raise stats. An Everquest character must start out with the proper baking gear and know the right recipes.

Everquest characters who learn baking as one of their trade skills need to know the recipes and have a few items to get the skill up as fast as possible. Unlike blacksmithing or brewing where a character must raise the skill in a city, Everquest characters may buy a portable oven and make delicious goods through Norrath, Luclin, and the Planes of Power, provided he has the ingredients.

Starting an Everquest Baking Career

One of the best pieces of advice to give to Norrathian bakers beginning their career is to not tell the recipients of goodies produced with this trade skill exactly what the ingredients are. Even though the ingredients may make the chef or the person eating the food queasy if a person is given time to think about it, raising cooking is easy and inexpensive.

Making Batwing Countries

Before starting a baking career an, Everquest player should purchase 10 stacks of batwings and 10 stacks of frosting. Both items will serve the player well while learning to be a master chef in Everquest. As a baking career has to start somewhere, it is time for the character learning the trade skill to make the delightful Norrathian delicacy, Batwing crunchies. Batwing Crunchies, despite their frosty deliciousness, become trivial at 46, when the next tasty item that Everquest cooks can make becomes a fish fillet.

Fish Fillets – Filling and Cheap

When making fish fillets, one ingredient may be obtained via the fishing trade skill. The other ingredient can be purchased from vendors found throughout the game world. The fish may also be purchased should the baker character not wish to waste time fishing. As long as a character has one jug of sauce and one fish in his inventory, he can make fish fillets until they become trivial at 82.

Fish Rolls – A Banquet Sized Meal

Fish rolls require one fish and one bat wing. They do sell back to the vendor for a small profit, but a player who keeps fish rolls in his inventory will find that he goes through the food stuff slowly as it is a banquet-sized meal.

With the exception of the stat-boosting foods, fish rolls have the highest value to players of any item produced with the baking trade skill. When fish rolls become trivial to the character trying to master the baking trade skill, the character should move on to batwing pies.

Advanced Baking in Everquest

There are other paths to get to 135 in baking, but purchasing stacks of batwings will server the beginning baker well as he begins his career. Guides such as the power baking guide by Oakwood Moonblaze on EQ Traders describe one path to becoming a master chef. EQ Traders is the best reference for any Norrathian trade skill.

A character may take a break from delicious recipes involving batwings and instead hunt brownies in the Greater and Lesser Faydark to make one commodity highly sought after by fellow Everquest players — chocolate chip cookies. (Remember the rule about what Everquest foods are made out of.)


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