Starting an allotment for beginners!

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An allotment is an amazeing thing to have you get fresh air, you keep fit, you have people to talk to! Thats why you should get one there fun and you save money and you get pride out of growing your own food. Allotment life is a skill you have to have knowledge on preparing the ground, growing, havarsting, and all sorts of stuff. But mainly you talk, drink tea and have fun, while saving money and thats a rare thing to find.

Starting out:

Im geussing you have sorted out all the paper work and you have your allotment. Your allotment is probably full of weeds and the first thing you need to do is clear all the high weeds so that you only have small ones. The seconed thing you should do is dig your whole allotment over to do this all you need is a garden fork and a good back but dont over do it, of course its a big job but you dont want to end up with a damaged back so pace yourself. It may take many weeks before your allotment is completly dug over but its well worth it so be patient. Once your allotment is dug over i recomend dividing it up into sections where you can rotate your crops each year just a basic four quarters should do. Now you may notice that there are a couple of young weeds you have missed to get rid of these just simply dig them out, be persistent and do not neglect them as they seem to grow rather quickly without you noticeing them. Your first crop should be a variety of crops of your choice, try to pick some that are quite easy to grow. Plant the crop however the packet or instructions say and water regualry for good harvests!

This the end of the guide hope it helped!

Written by Thomas Chinery


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