How to grow strawberrys!

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Welcome! To my guide on growing strawberrys. This is here for anyone who is a beginner in gardening and would like to have a good starting crop!

Now if you are growing strawberrys from seed you need to put the seeds on the surface of the dirt or compost in the seed tray (dont cover with compost!) and put in a polythene bag until they germinate. Transplant the seedlings when they are larger enough to handle. You should transplant into small pots and let them grow from there. You have to harden off your strawberry plants which means you have to get them used to the outside for this you should open the windows in your cold-frame or green house. If you do not have a green house i recommend putting the plants in the garden shed with the window open. After a while of your plants being in the shed you can transplant them outside. If you buy already grown strawberrys you can transplant them directly outside.

The way you should plant your strawberrys is a line of three and they have to be 18 inche’s apart. The reason why you do this is becuase every year you will move them along one line as strawberrys have many runners and spread rapidly.

For a good crop of strawberrys you should put leaf mulch (which is basicly parshly rotted leaves) in between the strawberrys. You should water your strawberrys well in the summer but not in the winter. If your strawberrys crop in the winter you might want to protect from frost damage. Sometimes birds will steal your whole strawberry crop i recommend covering your strawberrys with netting so they cant get in. Slugs and snails are also enemies of a strawberry grower to get rid of them simply put slug pellets down but if you do i must point out that slug pellets kill hedgehogs so net over your crop before putting slugpellets down.

This is the end of my guide hope it helped you!

Written by Thomas Chinery


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