Everquest 0-188 Tailoring Guide A Trade Skill Allowing EQ Characters to Make Cloth and Leather Armor

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Everquest tailors can use the trade skill to produce pieces of cloth and leather armor. According to the EQ Trader’s Tailoring Beginner’s Guide by Myrron Lifewarder, it is also one of the hardest skills to master. Knowing what cloth and leather items to make to raise the trade skill can help an Everquest character raise his tailoring skill faster.

Unlike blacksmithing or brewing where a character must be inside a city, a character only needs to have a sewing kit in his inventory. Some recipes require needles, tempers, or items produced from other trade skills to complete. Once a character purchases a sewing kit he can begin the task of collecting the items needs to raise his skill. Below is a list that will allow a character to raise the skill quickly.

Everquest Tailoring Recipes to Make to Get to 188

  1. Silk Swatches to 35
  2. Patchwork Armor to 26
  3. Raw Silk Armor to 36
  4. Studded Leather Armor to 56
  5. Woven Mandrake to 66
  6. Handmade Backpacks to 88
  7. Tailored Quivers to 115
  8. Wu’s Mantles to 144
  9. Wu’ Sleeves to 151
  10. Studded Acrylia Masks or Legacy of Ykesha Robes to 188

The above items are the path recommended on EQ Traders. Recipes for each item on the list as well as a guide to making the Legacy of Ykesha robes can be found there

Everquest Tailoring Support from Other Trade Skills

Tailoring requires items from brewing, alchemy, and mob drops found throughout Norrath to master. It is slow, but at higher levels, tailors can sell their services to people looking for specific types of armor. New recipes are added with each expansion and since the release of Planes of Power , trade skills have had raid-quality items added to their recipe list.

A character who takes up tailoring as his trade skill may wish to learn basic smithing and brewing techniques to supplement it, and reduce dependency on other characters for some of the components needed.

Considerations for the Norrathian Tailor

Trade skills, such as tailoring, are better pursued by the Everquest character that is looking for a way to round out his character. As money to get gear for a higher level character is not as important if he is in a guild as it is for a lower level character, generally only those who love doing trade skills for their own sake will raise it past a skill level of 100.

EQ Traders is the primary site for information on trade skills, but tips on how to raise a trade skill in Everquest are likely to change with each expansion and easier recipes to raise the skill faster may have been added since the Legacy of Ykesha expansion was released.


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