Do You Know Your Hair Type

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Having beautiful hair all starts with knowing what type of hair you have. If you know what type of hair you have, you know which products to use on your hair and which ones to avoid.

Each hair has its own life span. When the life span is complete, it falls out and is replaced with another. It is normal to lose anywhere from 50-100 hairs each day.

What are the different hair types? Below is a list of hair types. Read and determine which type you have.

Normal Hair Type

  • Natural gloss and shine, smooth and soft to the touch
  • Shiny, not oily and easy to manage
  • You can go without shampooing every day

With the normal hair type always use mild shampoos and conditioners. You don’t need heavy styling products. A well balanced diet is essential for normal hair maintenance.

Oily Hair Type

  • Oily hair attracts dust and oil and needs to be shampooed frequently
  • May look good for a day or two after shampooing, but then begins to look oily very quickly
  • May become oily more quickly, especially in times of stress or illness

With oily hair types, conditioner is not needed on a daily basis. Use conditioner only on the ends of your hair where it may be dry. Using on your scalp can make your hair oilier. This type of hair may also be prone to dandruff.

Dry Hair Type

  • Hair looks dry and brittle
  • Hair has lots of static electricity
  • Feels rough to the touch
  • Gets excessive split ends and may be frizzy
  • Loses elasticity and looks dull

With dry hair types, you may shampoo every other day. Be sure to use a conditioner and always use heat activated products to protect your hair when styling. Dry hair types may also experience dry scalp, which is different from dandruff. It’s small dry flakes of skin found near the hair line and on the scalp.

Combination Hair Type

  • Combination of both oily and dry hair types
  • Usually is oily at the scalp and dry on the ends
  • Most commonly seen in longer hair

With combination hair types, it’s important to always use a mild conditioner and use mostly at the ends. Get regular trims and use heat activated styling products as well.


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