How to kick MAJOR A$$ in 2009

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The Hustler’s 10 Resolutions

1) INVEST.(Yeah, I said it.) Every dollar you spend should be viewed as an investment. Make your money work for YOU.

2) UPGRADE. Cut off negative, dead-end relationships. Surround yourself with people who are an ASSET to your life, not a LIABILITY.

3) FOCUS. Start with the END in mind. First decide on your goal; then concentrate all your efforts on the actions that will help you reach that goal.

4) DO YOU. Stop trying to BE SOMEONE and find out who you already ARE. Focus on your strengths and utilize them to leave your legacy.

5) ACT. Stop waiting for opportunity and start creating it.

6) LEARN. In order to keep GOING, you must keep GROWING. Read, Watch and Listen to empowering media.

7) RETHINK. Keep an open mind. If you WANT different results, you have to be willing to DO different things.

8) GIVE. Universal Laws work in cycles; you GET what you GIVE. Therefore, if you plant seeds of charity , you are guaranteed to reap the harvest of prosperity .

9) HUSTLE. The greatest idea in the world won’t work… unless YOU DO!

10) REMEMBER. Failure is not an option. If you can’t find a way, MAKE a way!

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