Make a Ribbon Head Band

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This simple step by step instructions will help you make head bands out of ribbons you can find almost anywhere. Just think of all the different color possibilities you will have!Things You’ll Need:

  • Ribbon
  • Elastic
  • Sewing Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors


Step 1

The first thing you will need to do to make your ribbon head band is hold the ribbon in your hand and wrap it around your head. This will allow you to determine the length of ribbon you will need.

Step 2

Mark the place the ribbon meets with your finger. Don’t worry about being to precise.

Step 3

Now cut the ribbon about an inch and a half from where you have marked with your fingers. Make sure you cut at an angle so your ribbon will not fray on the ends. This will also make it easier when you are finishing your head band to keep it from fraying.

Step 4

Next cut a one and a half inch strip of elastic. This will be the bottom of your head band. This will also help keep your head band in place when you wear it!

Step 5

Lay one end of your ribbon nice side down on your work area. Place your elastic on top of the ribbon, overlap about a quarter of an inch.

Step 6

Using your needle and thread sew your elastic and ribbon together. Just several basting stitches should hold it. I make sure to go over it a few times so it doesn’t come loose. This will be hidden when you wear it so again don’t stress over the small details!

Step 7

If your ribbon is wider than your elastic you can fold the edges in and tack them in place to give a finished look to your head band. This also helps cover any stitches you may not be a hundred percent proud of.

Step 8

Repeat step 6 to attach the other side of your elastic to your ribbon making sure to overlap about a quarter of an inch. I like to check the size at this point by wrapping it around my head and holding the elastic and ribbon where I plan to connect them. If your head band is too loose just make your overlap a little bigger, if too small make it a little less.

Step 9

Now your done! Wear and enjoy!


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