Yurnero guide without pic

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First the most basic and simplest just choose yurnero in the agility hero tavern,then start with 2 slippers of agility,1circlet and 3 tango(just buy 1 and u get 3),lastly go to your spot(top,mid,bot/NC(note:NC for yurnero in early game is IMPOSSIBLE)).

Second when the game start u can start by going into the forest then asking your team mate to block the creep then when the enemy hero get attacked till 3/4 life left come out spin and follow him he will surely die if you spin at him near your tower.Then complete 2 wraith bands get a boots and get a helm of dom.After that just run around the 3 lanes killing hero from behind just becareful not to enter the enemy tower,i mean when the enemy is left wif 1/4life and tries to tempt you to killing it don’t go cos you will most probably die instead of your enemy or you can just stay at one lane killing creep and downing tower.

When it is already late game and all of the steps worked out u should have, 1 bfly, 1 helm of dom, 2 wraith band, 1 power thread and 1 mjolinir( if you’re real rich).Then start owning.This may be a lousy guide but i played this way and won many games.Thank you.If you failed playing this according to this guide then maybe you’re not talented to play yurnero(no offence)Good bye readers have a nice game :D.

Please be noted that this guide consist of no battle fury as i dont like that item(lol),I mean mjolinir is much cooler.


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