Web Designer: How to Choose a Designer for the Best Results

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     Choosing a web designer takes time and money. You must review his/her background and the ability to design a website with your specific needs for your online business. There are web designers who charge low amounts for detailed work while others charge high amounts for limited work.

    A web designer can help your online business establish a strong internet presence so it is a good idea to take reasonable steps to make the process smooth. For instance, make a list of your top concerns regarding your website. Consider your About Us page, Contact Us page and products/services. How will you contact the web designer? Days/Times?

    Check with your family/friends/associates about their websites and ask about they experiences including satisfaction with the end results.

    Decide on your desired requirements including the colors and theme. Discuss each concern with multiple web designers and review their educational/employment backgrounds including professional web designer organizations. Also, review the designer’s website portfolio and contact a list of references.

    A payment plan must be reviewed including method of payments (check, online payment system such as Paypal, or credit card) along with payment dates, and total amounts. Some designers requests 1/3 before starting, 1/3 during the web design process, and 1/3 as a final payment.

   Choosing a web designer is a timely process but it is important to find the best designer for your current and future business needs. Otherwise, you can spend additional time finding another website designer to fix old problems.


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