Where Did The Country out of Country Music Go?

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Who took the country out of Country Music?

Where did it go to?

Where are all the Johnny’s, Stonewall’s and Lefty’s?

Where are all the Loretta’s, Patsy’s and Kitty’s?

Now they were some good old girls!

Why did Nashville turn country away?

When the Greats are gone,

They aren’t replaced anymore.

The Opry has changed now.  It should be ashamed to continue wearing its name.  Nashville and The Opry used to be the Big Names in Country music and where all country artists wanted to be.  I grew up listening to The Opry and couldn’t wait to go.  I wanted to meet the stars that played and sang there–tell them how great I thought their picking and singing is–just how much I loved listening to them play and sing.

Now I have no desire to ever step foot inside the Opry or watch any show there. I have been through the town going from one place to another, but I want even stop to piss.  I just get on through and stop further down the line.  The Opry holds no pull for me.  I have no desire to meet the ones that play there, now.  They say they still play country, but it isn’t real Country as anyone who can remember the old days knows.  Nashville proclaims to still be the capital, but now the real Capital of Country Music is Branson, Missouri. Branson has been the new Capital of Country Music for years with lots of stars putting on their shows there. People like Gene Williams, Mickey Gilley, Charley Pride and Katy Lynn all perform there. Several more do too, but those are the only names that I can think of off the top of my head. If you want to see a real country music show forget the Opry and go to Branson to watch the shows up there.

I promise you will have a good time and get your moneys worth as well!


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