Issues of Obesity

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Obsesity is a public health issue in western societies. This is evident from the health statistics of major developed western economies. For example in all western societies obesity in general has incresed in the past decade. However, the factors, which contribute to obesity is different from one country to the next. However, the heath reserchers and other social scientists have identified many common factors, which contribute to obesity. Obsesity also contribute to public health issues like heart problems and other diseases and premature death in young age groups. As the population is aging in many western societies, this affect the labor issues and economic costs to society as a whole.

One factor, which contribute is genetics. However, eating habits, less physical activity in many groups, junk food advertising, life style factors such as ineffctive stress management in many age groups and the impact of technology on physical activities contribute to obesity. As well, intake of inapproppriate drugs and alchahol contribute to varing degrees in differnt countries to excessive obesity. In adddition, some specifc health conditions and health problems in old age population also causes obesity. As dicussed above, the issue of obesity is complex by nature and the solutions to obesity is not easy. However, it can be controled to some extent by implementing programs based on through research data and promoted by governments and non government bodies in all western countries.

As discussed above, obesity must have a combination of interventions in all age groups rather than approaching in a biological or genetaical point of view. This is because there are social and psychological factors, which also interact with gentaical factors, which may contribute to obesity. If obesity is not controlled by effective strategies it may be very costly in terms of economic,social and health cost for the country as a whole. There is no single way to control obesity because of its complexity.  It must be borne in mind, in designing any obesity minimization program. by government and non government bodies. As well, it must be based on sound social and health research findings in each country.


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