How to decorate a yard for Christmas

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Not only is decorating your yard fun and exciting, but it gives you the feeling of Christmas cheer and it makes the holiday season that much more enjoyable!  This is especially true in neighborhoods where many people decorate their yards and have something of a competition for the best decorations!

  1. Put out decorations that can withstand cold weather, especially if you live in a climate that gets some harsh winters.  Even if the snows haven’t started to fall yet, you might get a snowy Christmas!  You want to be sure that your Christmas decorations will not be broken or ruined by snowfall, rainfall or other weather.
  2. Don’t go overboard!  You want to make sure your yard is decorated tastefully.  More lights and decorations don’t always mean that you have the best decorations.  Don’t flood your yard with lights.  Keep your lights to something tasteful, like lining your house but not covering your house.  Don’t make your yard look chaotic just to try to outdo your neighbors.
  3. Use a theme!  Whether you go with a Santa and reindeer theme, a frosty the snowman theme or a nativity scene, having a central theme gives something to decorate around and makes all of your decorations much more enjoyable.  Not only does it give you something to decorate around, but it gives your yard a feeling of completeness.  When you don’t have any theme to your decorations, it can seem as though you simply put as many lights as possible without giving it a cental idea.  A theme is a great way to bring your whole yard together as a whole.

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