I just saved a bundle on my car insurance, by working from home

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Yes, you read that title correctly! When you work from home, in addition to enjoying the freedom and flexibility of working from the comfort of your home office, you may also benefit financially. It’s actually a good bit of money to work outside the home, much more than you may realize. From the cost of car insurance to fast food meals, office attire and daycare expenses, if you must commute to a job everyday, you are spending much of your hard-earned dollars just to do so.

The average family in America is a two-income household. Mom’s and Dad’s must get up early everyday to dress, prepare meals and drop kids off at daycare or school before commuting to their day jobs. Then after putting in eight or more long hours at the job, they must pick up their children, go home to prepare a quick meal, enjoy a small amount of time with their family then head to bed early to start the routine all over the next day. Weekends are filled with housework, church and family events then everyone must prepare for the week ahead. For some parents, who are single, working evening shifts or second jobs to meet their financial needs, time with their loved ones is even shorter. It’s no wonder American’s are so stressed emotionally, financially and divorce rates have skyrocketed.

Have you ever thought of how much money is spent each week in your household just to accommodate a weekly work outside of the home lifestyle? Let’s look at some and add them up so you can see them in black and white for yourself:

Weekly Meals. At a conservative $5 per day for lunches and a $25 per evening cost for dinners that’s about $175 a week just so that everyone gets fed.

Work Clothing. Dressing for success costs money and its not surprising that in today’s competitive market with a woman’s business attire costing around $50 per outfit, men’s suits running between $100-150 each and then the costs of dry cleaning, laundry and accessories a whopping $1,200 annually – this can quickly add up to over $450 a month on average.

Daycare. Making sure that your children are cared for by licensed trained professional’s costs money. People are so willing to have children and then let strangers raise them anymore. The going rate for private in home daycare runs about $200+ weekly; daycare centers are about $100-140 weekly per child. That adds up and eats up much of your paycheck, even if you have just one child.

Vehicles & Commute. Having a way to work costs money. Car payments can be anywhere from $100-600 monthly, then there’s gas, insurance and maintenance. Daily commutes steal at least 60-90 minutes from our days.

So, when you think about it, working outside the home can and may cost much more than a work from home career. You will save time, money and be able to spend more time with family and your home by working from home. And yes, you will save money on your car insurance by eliminating your daily commute. Ask your insurance company – you will save anywhere from $120-400 a year from your insurance premiums by changing the status to a car used for pleasure rather than for commuting to work. That, plus the other savings you will realize by working from home add up to substantial savings for your family in a year’s time.


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