Easy & Cheap Chicken recipes – Chicken Francaise

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Tired of the same old chicken recipes week after week?  Here’s something different and super easy to make!

“Fancy” up your chicken tenders without adding a lot of cost!  My family goes nuts when they find out I am making this one.  It’s really easy.  Next time you buy chicken tenders to make for dinner, grab a lemon too.  I will assume you have flour and an egg or two on hand at home.

Take your raw chicken tenders and put them in a big baggie with a couple big spoonfuls of flour and shake til coated.
In the meantime, whisk a couple eggs in a pie tin (or similar dish).  Then, have another plate with flour.
Now melt a stick of butter or margarine in a frying pan.

Take the flour coated chicken tenders from the baggie, coat with egg, and then the other flour and carefully place the in the frying pan.  Cook till golden brown on both sides.  Just before serving, squeeze the lemon all over the chicken while the pan is still on the burner.  (The butter will sizzle when you do this and it mixes with the lemon to make the lemon butter sauce.)  Prepare to get compliments!

This is really good with fettucini alfredo and broccoli.  You can buy the noodle side dishes for like a buck.  I like to steam the broccoli, then transfer to a frying pan with oil & garlic.  A little squeeze of lemon just before serving.

Your family will LOVE this chicken!


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