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Have you ever felt the need to be in solitude and spend some time with History? I bet everyone has felt the same, some time or the other in his/her life.

Which place strikes your mind first if this feeling starts becoming dominant?

Well, let me help you out. Its Hasankeyf, a tiny yet historically one of the most important ancient cities of Turkey.

You might be wondering about this strange name. This also has an amusing history.

In one of the legendary works of 1600, a prisoner named Hasan wished to ride his horse in the fortress courtyard for the last time before being sentenced to death. He jumped his horse over the wall into the river Tigris and luckily survived while his horse died. The spectators, amazed by this act yelled instantly, “ Hasan Keif” meaning “ Hasan How” and so the city got its name.

The history of this place stretches back to around 10,000 years. Very few places on this Earth can boast of such a wonderful past. Blessed with the culture of nine different civilizations, Hasankeyf has now been officially declared a Natural Conservation Area by the Turkish Government.

You can easily spend your entire day watching the reflections of the nine great civilizations in the archaeological sculptures of the ruins of the Old Citadel, the old bridge, the El Rizk mosque and the tomb of Zeynel Bey. The very feeling of  staying off-the beaten track sends smooth leisure feelings accompanied by the astonishment you feel after seeing the wonderful naturally-crafted side canyons and towering limestone cliffs.

Very few of you might have ever heard this city’s name but recently it was in News for a Conservation cause. The city might disappear and one of the history’s masterpieces might not live because of the Ilisu Dam Project whose flood will engulf the entire rich heritage.
Many countries that financially support this project have woken up to help the cause and withdrawn their monetary support.

Lets pray, remains of one of the oldest civilizations in the world stays forever.

With this, we end another extraordinary voyage, though a bit different this time. Hope you enjoyed the journey and will join us for our next adventure-packed trip.


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