what’s the word

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what’s the word for a thing that there is no word for?

i guess there’s no word for that either.

i love words, but sometimes i can’t find them–which can either be a frustreating mess, or an opportunity for weird poetic creation.

this list grows constantly in my head,
usually as i’m driving… and i keep meaning to write them down as they occur to me..
so here are a few:

* that blast of cold water you hafta dance to avoid when you’re turning on the shower in the morning.
it’s rude and jarring, and you hafta reach your whole naked body under its attack just to get the water started at all.
why don’t they put the spigots on the SIDE so you can avoid that whole situation?

* misinterpretation of sarcasm or other communication nuances via texting or other typed messaging. like how you can fuck up a whole relationship by neglecting to add that little sideways winky face after a smartass remark. 😉

* the stubborn refusal to throw away pens or lighters when they stop working..to rather return them to a place where you or someone else will continue to find them and be disappointed. if there was a word for this phenomenon it could be used metaphorically quite often for people who refused to let go of other empty things like dead relationships or jobs…

* the way that you space out when you’re trying to read or study and your eyes are grazing over the words but your brain is not absorbing them.

* that thing that happens where you say a word too many times and it stops sounding like a real word.
yeah…there needs to be a word for that too.

to be continued….


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